Podcasts and Media

Some podcasts and media featuring or written by Colby: Colby's Hour Record Bike video: The Pro's Closet Series Mike Creed's podcast, Open Mic: episode 22 Phil Gaimon's podcast: click here  Velonews Fast Talk podcast ep #47: The Art and Science…

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Seven Evergreen SLX

Custom Seven Evergreen SLX In 2018, I became a Seven Cycles dealer. Working with the team in Watertown, MA, together we designed the geometry for a custom titanium frame which was purpose built for the type of riding I do…

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PTI Orthotics

In 30 years of cycling, I spent 24 of them struggling to have a good connection to the pedal. This was in part because of my feet, and in part because cycling footbeds did not exist (or were poorly made)…

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Seven Cycles Dealer

Pearce Coaching and Fitting is proud to be a Seven Cycles Dealer. Make an appointment to come see Colby for a discussion, fitting or measurement of bio-metrics to order your custom made Seven bicycle. To read all about Colby's custom…

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Appleman Custom Road Bike

Appleman Custom Road Bike I recently completed a new road bike with the help of custom builder Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles, out of Minneapolis.   Having raced for 3 decades, I have had the opportunity to ride a lot…

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Fitting a Track Bike

Fitting a Track Bike Colby Pearce   A bicycle should be fit based on two primary considerations: the physiology of the rider, and the demands of the event. The physiology of the rider may include the smoothness of the pedal…

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