Name: Colby Pearce

DOB: June 12, 1972

Race wins as of Jan 2013: 140ish

Racing disciplines practiced: road, mountain, cross, track

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Current residence: Boulder, CO

Began racing: 1988

Pro since: 1996

Married: yes

Offspring: yes, 1, female, likes ballet

Music: hip hop, house, some rock. No disco. 

Angry: sometimes

Optimistic: nearly always.

Domesticated animals: yes

Mass: 62.5kg (out of cookie season)


Cycling Résumé

100% clean my entire career. tested over 100 times, out of competition testing program for 6 years.

2004 Olympian, 40km points race

2003 Pan Am Games bronze medalist

2007 Continental Champion, madison

14 time national track champion

US hour record holder: 50.191km Colorado Springs, CO, 1995

8 time US Worlds team member

11 time track world cup medalist

US National Track Team coach, Nov 2005-May 2007

Over 140 race wins on track, road, MTB and CX

Racing for 25 years.

Raced on 5 continents.