I have been a Selle SMP saddle dealer for over 5 years as of 2018. I carry all types of SMP saddles and can order any saddle to have it in my shop in three to five days. Additionally, I keep stock of common choices and colors on hand in the shop.

In my opinion, SMP makes the best product on the market by a significant margin. Saddles are a highly personal choice, and one type of saddle won’t work for every rider out there, but in my experience SMP saddles are an ideal solution for approximately 90% of the riders I see who are looking for a new saddle or who are open to changing.

Saddles are a very relative piece of equipment. Most riders settle on something that isn’t a hatchet and ‘deal with it’ because changing a saddle is time consuming, potentially expensive, and it is easy to get lost during the process. I help you solve all these challenges with my SMP saddle test program.

To read my SMP Primer article, click here. This article explains why I think SMP makes the best product on the market right now.

To see a list of saddles available including color options and rail materials (tubular steel or carbon rails) click on this link:

Demo saddles:

I have demo saddles in every model for any client who would like to try them. I request a $20 deposit for the test saddle, which is applicable towards the final purchase if one is made. If no purchase is made, this fee covers my time and investment in this program. A rider to try out a particular model or models before they purchase a seat. If you are not sure which SMP model might be right for you, email me and I am happy to discuss it, or make an appointment and come to see me in person.

I also recommend Steve Hogg’s excellent article on SMPs. He describes the various models in detail and it can give you a great idea of where to start in their line up.

SMP makes two base models which start with no padding and progressively add layers. One of the bases is narrower and one is wider. Most riders will find the wider base works for them, in my experience. The wider base models, listed from least padded to most are:

  • Full Carbon Lite (carbon rails, carbon base)
  • Carbon lite (steel rails, carbon base)
  • Forma (leather cover only)
  • Dynamic (light padding)
  • Drakon (medium padding)
  • Lite 209 (heavy padding)

The narrower line:

  • Full Carbon (carbon rails, carbon base)
  • Carbon (steel rails, carbon base)
  • Composit (leather cover only)
  • Evolution (light padding)
  • Statos (medium padding)
  • Glider (heavy padding)

In 2018 SMP added the Blaster, Vulkor and Nymber to their line up. The Blaster is a Composit, but with light padding. The application of the padding is done in a better way than it was on the Evolution (we don’t loose the “scoop”).

The Vulkor is the same as a Composit, but about 6mm wider. The Nymber is a lightly padded Vulkor.

Additional models (“orphans” which have different shapes than these two lines): Chrono (TT saddle), Pro, Avant, Plus

As of fall 2018, MSRP prices for SMP saddles in the Pro line including:

Forma, Dynamic, Drakon, Lite 209, Composit, Evolution, Statos, Glider, Chrono, Pro, Avant and Plus:

  • steel rails, black leather cover: $260
  • steel rails, colored leather cover: $260
  • steel rails, carbon base (Carbon Lite and Carbon models): $425
  • carbon rails, carbon base (Full Carbon lite, Full Carbon models): $750

For additional details on product weights click here:

The more padded a saddle is, the heavier it is.


Prices are the same, based on model, as the Pro range listed above. I will have test saddles and some stock of these as they become available.