I first met Colby as a junior, and he has been more or less kicking my ass (either virtually or literally) ever since.  He has been an integral part of my development as an athlete, helping me improve not only physiologically, but also refining my mental and holistic approach to the sport.  Once at dinner, Colby and I were asked by a stranger what we were training for.  Colby’s instant reply was “the Olympics,” and after the stranger’s brief pause of surprise, he asked how long Colby had been training for them.  “Since I was 16,” was Colby’s response.  That is the best evidence I can give for Colby’s quality as a coach; cycling is not a mere sport to him, it is an art and a way of life that he has been practicing most of his life.  He understands my passions and motivations because his are the same.  Colby is one of the most crucial members of my support team and deserves much more credit for my success than a mere paragraph can provide.


-Julian Kyer, Juwi Solar


Hey Colby,
Its been about 6 weeks or so since the fit and just thought Id let you know everything is feeling great on both bikes.  Things are progressing along nicely, Im more comfortable/powerful now and feel like every aspect of the fit is considerably is better than before.  Personally I thought changing the spindle lengths made a big difference and was like the last piece to the puzzle.  Im experiencing smoother pedaling and am able to sustain a higher cadence with less effort.
I also got a hold of a Thomson x4 110mm 0 degree for the mtn bike.  I was a little worried how the bike would handle out on the trail, but to my surprise I thought it was more stable, especially on the climbs and actually handled better overall.     
Thanks again for everything.  In comparison to previous bike fits;  I felt like the thirsty man only getting a half a glass of water, which made me feel a little better, but finally got the full glass I needed with your help and this fit.   James S