Some thoughts:

Motivation for racing can be intrinsic, or extrinsic. Meaning, some racers find it motivating to crush other people and beat them to the line (this is the majority). Alternatively, some riders find the most interesting challenge in cycling is to push themselves as hard as possible, but they don’t necessarily care how that places them relative to other competitors. The results are used as a barometer, but only as a reference. The rider is happy if they cross the line completely empty.

Some can also find more value in working with a team towards a common goal. You almost certainly find motivation in the team aspect, since you play so much hockey. Unfortunately, cycling has a weird dichotomy because it is a “team sport, where an individual wins” so there is a constant tension between the goals of the team and the motivations of the single rider to do what works for them. Sometimes this can play out in a way that works for everyone, but many times it screws people.

Its possible you may not be fired up to kick other people’s assess in races so much, but pushing yourself might still be a very rewarding aspect. If this is the case, then racing and focusing on events like time trials and hill climbs could really be a good way to structure a season.

On the other hand, if crushing souls is what gets you fired up, then criteriums and road races are where its at. Time trials are not your domain. If you don’t want to pay an entry fee and pin on a number, but still like to crush people, Strava is a good choice.