Thoughts on Racing

Some thoughts: Motivation for racing can be intrinsic, or extrinsic. Meaning, some racers find it motivating to crush other people and beat them to the line (this is the majority). Alternatively, some riders find the most interesting challenge in cycling…

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The Last Rep

Training is fundamentally about changing homeostasis to elicit a specific response. The response we want is improved or "optimized" fitness with minimal fatigue on race day. When training consists of repeated bouts of maximal stimulus, the organism either adapts or…

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SMP Setup Tips

Guide to setting up SMP saddles Italian manufacturer SMP manufactures saddles with base shapes that more closely match the shape of the human ishium than most other saddle designs. This feature makes the saddle an excellent platform for a rider…

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The State of Bike Fitting

"Fixing Other Fitter's Fits" The bike fitting industry is exploding, and is undergoing some growing pains at the moment. Like many budding industries, it is filled with people who are excited to start a new field of study and help…

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SMP Primer

Changing saddles can be a daunting undertaking for any cyclist. Riders frequently use the same saddle for years simply because they find one which is unobjectionable, but far from perfect. The logistical challenges of finding saddles to try without financial…

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Time Capsule: European 6 days

(originally published in Velo News 2008) This winter I was launched headfirst into the world of European Six Day racing. One of the last old school pillars of bicycle racing, the Sixes are a microscopic universe trapped in time and…

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