SRM Dealer

As a Level One SRM dealer, I can provide the full range of SRM Power Meters, head units and E Trainers to my clients. Please inquire directly via email for pricing and delivery times. Each SRM Power Meter is hand-made in Colorado Springs, CO.

SRM is the Gold Standard in Power Meters. Ulrich Schoberer invented the Power Meter in 1986. Many people don’t know that Uli tried several methods to attach strain gauges to the bicycle drivetrain before he settled on a crank spider based system, including crank arm and pedal prototypes. For pictures and some interesting history, see this link:

He chose the spider based system for several reasons. It is the most robust and reliable place to measure power in a bicycle drivetrain. It also allowed him to manufacture the chassis in order to maximize the proper use of the strain gauges.

Why SRM is superior to many other products on the market:

SRM Power Meters display power from both left and right legs, combined. The measurement of torque is taken in the crank spider, with force coming from both the L and R sides passing through the spider before it drives the chain. For my article on one-sided power measuring devices, click here.

Cadence: this metric is measured when a reed switch is tripped by a magnet placed on the frame. Some modern power measuring devices use an accelerometer or an algorithm to count cadence in order to avoid having a magnet being placed on the frame. This does make installation of the device more convenient, but it comes at the cost of accuracy. Accelerometers are challenged by periods of very high cadence either on very smooth or very bumpy roads, and algorithms are fooled by riders with very smooth torque curves. Remember, power = how fast you pedal (angular velocity) x how hard you pedal (force) so if the cadence is wrong, the power is wrong. As a coach, I spend hours editing power profiles with false power spikes because of accelerometers. My first choice would be to have every athlete on SRM.

Batteries: it amazes me how many people complain about sending their Power Meter in for service to get the battery replaced. In 2016, you can print a shipping label from your house in 3 minutes or less. Would you own a Ferrari and insist on changing the oil yourself? A SRM Power Meter is a highly sensitive piece of scientific equipment, it should be serviced by a qualified technician periodically. Devices with replaceable batteries advertise 200-500 hours of battery life, but most get closer to 50-150 hours. SRM Power Meters get between 1500 and 3000 hours depending on the model and use conditions. Also, with the PC8 head unit, you can check the status of your Power Meter battery, so there are no surprises.

Not having access to your power numbers for one or two weeks a year is a healthy, normal event. No one needs power data 52 weeks a year. I am the biggest bike dork on the planet, you can trust me when I say this.

PC8 head unit: The PC8 is the most user-friendly and cycling oriented head unit on the market. It features over 50 metrics, GPS capability, ANT+ compatibility, and the clearest display available. The operation is simple and fool proof in any weather or with any glove. However, the PC8 is not filled with boatloads of useless bells and whistles, mapping features, text message notifications or stock tickers. This is a cycling computer, designed to give you useful and pertinent information to make you a faster rider. If you want text messages or need to find your way home, check your phone. The PC8 will help you focus on what you want to do: ride your bike.

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