Lake Shoes

Lake has made excellent shoes for many years and there are several reasons I carry them in my shop:

  • Lake is one of the only manufacturers to use real leather for their uppers. This means the shoe will conform to your foot over time and have that “glove like fit” that we all want.
  • Lake has an extremely extensive array of size options, including 5 different lasts [the last primarily effects the volume of the shoe], 3 different widths [normal, wide and extra wide] and sizes from 36-50 in half size increments [25 sizes in total]
  • This means a total of over 200 shoe size options over the entire line, more than any other manufacturer by a significant margin
  • Lake shoes have a wider toe box than most of other cycling shoes on the market, even in their narrowest Race Last. The most common source of foot pain and discomfort in my experience is shoes that are too narrow in the forefoot. In my experience, many cyclists are dealing with this and don’t know it, or don’t have a solution.
  • Lake makes shoes for road, MTB, CX and winter specific models, as well as models which are designed for high volume feet. Their product line up is extensive.
  • Lake is one of the only manufacturers who offers split sizing for a small fee [$50], so riders who have different sized feet can finally get the right size shoe for each foot. This requires a custom order, which can take some time [3-4 months in some cases] but it can be a game changer for riders who have been struggling with sub-optimal fit for years.

This means Lake can be a solution for many riders who experience hot spot, pressure points or toe numbness in standard cycling shoes, and Lake is a fantastic option for riders with high volume or wide feet.

I can order any type of shoe Lake manufactures for my clients. I do have some stock in the store, however because of Lake’s extensive range of sizes, lasts and widths, it is not possible for me to carry everything in the physical store.

How long it takes: If a shoe is in stock in the US, I can have it in my shop in 3-5 business days.

How the process works: A client will come to see me, using this calendar to book an appointment. Look for the Lake Shoe Fitting option in the calendar [page down to see the options].

We will measure the clients L and R feet in both length and width. If I have an existing shoe in stock that we can use to confirm sizing, we will use to double check. These measurements are taking standing with riding socks on, to allow the foot to expand as it will during hard pedaling.

Then, I will place an order for the shoes. When they arrive, the client will return to try the shoes on. If the shoes don’t fit or you don’t like them, you are under no obligation to buy the shoes, and they will go into my stock of shoes at the shop.

If we are on the fence about what size will work best for you, I can order two sizes of shoes and the client can try both on. In this case I stipulate that the client is obligated to buy one pair of shoes, even if we end up ordering a 3rd pair [this would be very unusual but is possible].

It is common for riders who think they need a wide shoe to try on a standard shoe in a Lake and find that if fits them just fine, because Lakes shoes have a wider toe box than most other shoes on the market. Sometimes, riders are using a longer shoe [too big] than needed in order to accommodate insufficient toe box width. When the toe box is wide enough, the size shoe needed may be shorter, and the athlete is surprised to find out their shoe size is actually 1 or more sizes smaller when the correct width shoe is chosen.


To see the Lake sizing chart, click here: