Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles

I am proud to work with custom titanium builder Mosaic Cycles and offer their products to my clients. Mosaic is located in Boulder, CO only a few KM from my fit studio.

I raced on a Mosaic steel frame for a few seasons during my single speed cyclocross phase, [circa 2014-ish] on the Single Barrel team. It was an illuminating phase of development in my cycling journey . I learned a lot about the sport of cycling including what it really means to corner fast, thinking about speed not only as a function of making more power but as an act of preservation of momentum, and that while derailuers are a great invention they are not always necessary.

Cyclocross is a ridiculous sport, and single speed racing multiplies this outcome. “Always in the wrong gear”. When I got struck by the lightning bolt of cycling at the age of 15 and tried my first CX race shortly thereafter, I discovered that I was truly not gifted at this particular cycling discipline. It magnified many of my shortcomings: a propensity to over-inflate my tires, a lack of global muscular and fascial tension, and difficulty making torque. Single speed brings all these issues to the surface.

Fast forward to 2022 and one of my favorite whips is my Mosaic GT1-AR. This is the archetype of a modern titanium gravel bike: durable, dependable, excellent clearance, supreme durability, flawless welds and paint, and all the class.

For all the details on choices such as price, options, finish work, components and stock or custom geometry, check out Mosaic Cycles

Here are a few shots of my steed. It is equipped with Shimano Ultegra 12 speed components and an Enduro bottom bracket [of course!]

There are four reasons to consider a custom bicycle:

  1. The first is custom geometry, sizing and options. This is what most people think of. Custom sizing is important for riders who have needs outside the bell curve of production bicycles, and custom geometry serves the experienced rider who knows how they want their whip to handle, or has a list of features they consider essential.
  2. The second is aesthetics. Some riders prefer the stoic look of raw carbon and titanium, which gives a minimalist, industrial vibe. However, Mosaic’s finish work program is all in house and their paint is stunningly perfect. To discover some finish work options and get your creative mind going, go here.
  3. The third reason is that your custom bicycle is like your fingerprint. By specifying every detail of the build from geometry to components and tire and bar tape color, you create a ┬ábespoke bicycle that gives you a unique relationship with the equipment. Rolling up to a group ride knowing that no one else will be on the same bike you are enhances the relationship with your practice of cycling. If we didn’t have relationships with our equipment, we would be runners.
  4. The final reason is quality. Mosaic bicycles are precision manufactured hand made machines. Titanium does not rust, bend or break, unless you run it over with a tank. Their welds are tiny piles of perfectly stacked metal pancakes. If you are the type of person who would rather pay more for a higher quality product and have it last much longer, this is your path. If you are the type of person who changes bikes like you change pants and you shop at Uniqlo, maybe consider a Giant.

As a Mosaic dealer, I can walk you through the process of manifesting your dream bike into reality, including details such as:

  • frame design and details including all the nuances of clearance, BB drop, CS length, angles, and all the other bits
  • finish choices
  • component choices
  • translating your current fit into custom fit

A deposit for a Mosaic project is $2000. To discuss options book an appointment.

To listen to my podcast with Mosaic founder, owner and head frame builder Aaron Barcheck, and to learn more about the origin of Mosaic and Aaron’s design ethos, use the link below: