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The SRM Origin PowerMeter, named for having all components designed by SRM – the original PowerMeter, is our first modular – concept PowerMeter offering limitless compatibility. Interchangeable spindles, multiple chainring combinations, rechargeable battery option… All crafted around cutting-edge crank arms in adjustable length carbon or durable aluminum for unparalleled performance.

As a SRM dealer, I can provide the full range of SRM Power Meters, head units and E Trainers to my clients. Please inquire directly via email cwpcoaching@me.com for pricing and delivery times. Each SRM Power Meter is hand-made in Colorado Springs, CO.

SRM is the Gold Standard in Power Meters. Ulrich Schoberer invented the Power Meter in 1986. Many people don’t know that Uli tried several methods to attach strain gauges to the bicycle drivetrain before he settled on a crank spider based system, including crank arm and pedal prototypes. For pictures and some interesting history, see this link:

SRM History

He chose the spider based system for several reasons. It is the most robust and reliable place to measure power in a bicycle drivetrain. It also allowed him to manufacture the chassis in order to maximize the proper use of the strain gauges.

Why SRM is superior to many other products on the market:

SRM Power Meters display power from both left and right legs, combined. The measurement of torque is taken in the crank spider, with force coming from both the L and R sides passing through the spider before it drives the chain.

Batteries: it amazes me how many people complain about sending their Power Meter in for service to get the battery replaced. Would you own a Ferrari and insist on changing the oil yourself? A SRM Power Meter is a highly sensitive piece of scientific equipment, it should be serviced by a qualified technician periodically.

Not having access to your power numbers for one or two weeks a year is a healthy, normal event. No one needs power data 52 weeks a year. I am the biggest bike dork on the planet, you can trust me when I say this.

For more information about ordering an SRM Power Meter

Email cwpcoaching@me.com with order details. Delivery time is subject to confirmation as each power meter is made by hand.