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The Revbox trainer is a powerful tool for athletes, as well as a great diagnostic tool for me to use as part of my fitting process. The low inertia design and wind fan provide immediate feedback when an athlete has a significant dead spot in their pedal stroke. The fan also allows for extremely low RPM/ high torque training intervals, an aspect which I find particularly useful.

The Revbox is lightweight, easy to break down for travel or to put in the car for pre-race warm up, has Zwift compatible software and looks like a piece of modern art.

The low inertia design won’t carry the pedal stroke through the dead spots, which can mean a rider develops bad pedaling habits. Many high inertia trainers (any trainer with a really heavy flywheel) will foster this type of riding. A low inertia design, such as the Revbox, will develop the ability to drive the pedal through the dead spots of the pedal stroke. This will translate to a rider who is more capable of handling higher torque demands, especially steep, seated climbs. As a fitter, it is more and more frequent for me to see athletes who come to me with strange ailments which I eventually diagnose as “trainer-itis”.

Accessory options include an easy to use thru-axle kit, as well as a carrying case. If you are interested in purchasing a Revbox trainer, please visit my web store here.
If you are local, or are visiting Boulder and would like to come try the Revbox, please contact me via email at:

Additional information can be found on the Revbox trainer at

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