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Price: $905.00

Revbox Erg MK7.0 2017/18: Lightweight, powerful stationary trainer for highly efficient muscle training.

The Revbox is the latest in lightweight, stationary training systems for cyclists, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Proudly New Zealand designed, owned and operated.

This low inertia trainer generates highly efficient muscle conditioning while the large fan provides audible feedback, helping to perfect your pedaling technique and ensuring that you get the most out of each pedal stroke.

All leg and lower back muscles are engaged and evenly utilised during the 360˚ pedal stroke, resulting in maximum training performance in an efficient timeframe.

The Revbox Erg MK7.0 is perfect for athletes with an FTP of >250.

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Revbox accessories

Transportation Bag

Price: $175.00

Revbox Erg MK 6/7: Heavy duty black carry bag to protect your Revbox when travelling or while in storage.

Protect your investment with this heavy duty, travel bag, designed specifically to fit the Revbox standard models.

Made from thick canvas, heavy duty zips and reinforced padded sidewalls, preventing bumps, dust and scratches when travelling near or far or while in storage.

Thru Axle Conversion Kit

Price: $30.00

Revbox Erg LT1/MK6/7: Thru Axle Conversion Set to use on most bikes with 142/12 thru axles.

Use almost any 12/142 road and mountain bike on the Revbox standard & compact models with this Revbox thru axle conversion kit.

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