To book an appointment for a fitting, client consultation, or other engagement please use the scheduling tool found below. Registration is not required. When you arrive at the ‘Service” page, scroll down to see various options.

“Why aren’t there any appointments?” I am frequently booked 4-8 weeks in advance. While bicycle fitting is a passion and a primary focus of my attention, I also work as Director at Team EF Coaching, personally coach several individual clients, and run a podcast. This means that until I transmogrify myself, I may not be able to meet every client’s need in the most timely fashion. I apologize for this inconvenience.

If there are “no appointments available” this means all Full Fit appointments [or all appointments] are booked out, as far as I have populated my calendar. I make every effort to release appointments only when I am sure I can meet them; if my travel schedule is unconfirmed or there is potential for change, I do not release the time in the scheduling tool until I have established certainty.

Full fits are typically available on Wednesdays and Fridays, with some partial work on Thursdays and sometimes, on Tuesdays.

Work life balance is a relationship that is very important to me and I have learned the hard way to respect the boundaries of my personal life in the context of my passion to help others in their cycling journey. When I hold strong boundaries around my work, it enables me to do better work with my clients and serve them to a greater degree.

For directions to the Pearce Coaching and Fitting office please click here.