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Pearce Coaching and Fitting is proud to be a Seven Cycles Dealer. Make an appointment to come see Colby for a discussion, fitting or measurement of bio-metrics to order your custom made Seven bicycle.

To read all about Colby’s custom Seven Evergreen SLX, click here

Why custom?

As John Lewis from Seven pointed out “People think that the main benefit of a custom bike is fit, and while fit is SUPER important, being able to nail the handling characteristics of the bike is a HUGE value, too. We hear this all the time, that people descend faster and more confidently on their new Seven.”

A custom bike will be made to fit you precisely, and also has ride characteristics that are fine tuned to exactly what you want in your bicycle. If you ride tons of dirt, love long twisty descents, or prefer mach five group rides, your bike should meet the demands of your passion.

Seven Cycles can make a bike that is as unique as your fingerprint by selecting tubing diameter, gauge, butting profiles, and geometry that will dial in your ride.

With the new XX option, you can remove up to 250 grams of weight from your Seven frame with zero compromise in performance or durability. It’s like better living through science.

Seven also has a new Multiphase Color Technique to spice up that titanium frame and add some bling to your ride.

Make a consultation appointment with Colby if you would like to discuss options here


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