I coach riders of all ages and abilities in road, mountain, cyclocross and track riding and racing. Please email me to see if I have space available for coaching services at this time.

I use Training Peaks software to prescribe workouts to my riders, monitor their training load, compliance and feedback during training. Many of my clients have a power meter however, I do not require riders to have one in order to be a client. I do prefer to work with heart rate as a metric, whether or not a rider is tracking power.

In order for me to coach a rider effectively, the rider has certain responsibilities:

– read and understand the training I write for them

– ride responsibly relative to the workload (i.e. don’t force efforts which are not constructive, ride safely, be responsible and disciplined about recovery)

– upload training files in a timely manner

– provide feedback to training, either in Training Peaks in the post workout comments, or via email.

Any rider can benefit from good coaching, and the key to good coaching is seeing the rider as an individual and prescribing training based on the specific rider’s needs. Training is all about context and understanding and applying a rider’s individual context is the art of training an athlete.

There are two options for coaching on a space available basis:


If you wish to be placed on a wait list, please email HERE to correspond about possibilities.


An on going relationship between client and coach in which detailed daily programs are written for the client, normally using Training Peaks software. Communication may include weekly phone conversations, daily emails, and may include face to face meetings and or training sessions from time to time. Flexible training means when life gets in the way or changes in schedule happen, training is re-written to accommodate. This option includes a yearly performance summary and analysis for the client. There is a substantial increase in time associated with analyzing power files and data, and this is reflected in the monthly fee. The scope of my guidance includes some elements of holistic life coaching as well. Any athlete brings the their total stress “to the gym”, or in a cyclist’s case, to the saddle, and the total health of the client is considered in context of this program.

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