In my adventures I have accumulated 35 years of competition experience in four disciplines [road, track, mountain and cross], two decades of coaching, and over ten years of fitting, as well as study, research and refinement of practice. Formal qualifications include:

  • USAC category one coaching license [this is the highest level]
  • Chek Practitioner level IMS5 [this is the highest level of study at the Chek Institute]
  • Steve Hogg Certified bicycle fitter

Considering how long I have been doing all of this, it isn’t a really impressive list of credentials or letters after my name. You don’t get a certificate or degree for being a life long learner unless your path is in academia.

I could go into a list of racing accomplishments but aside from the Olympic Games [I was 14th in the points race in 2004 in Athens] and several world championships [my best finish was 6th in the points race in Warsaw in 2009], and setting both US Elite National and Masters World Hour records, even though I have won a lot of bike races, you have never heard of most of them. Which is to say, I have achieved a high level of proficiency in my area of expertise, but I have never been asked by a reporter what it is like to wear the yellow jersey.

This accumulation of experience has offered me many learning opportunities, most of which have come in the form of crashes, being dropped on climbs, flats, descents, crosswinds, corners, flat straight roads, being hailed on, being chased by dogs, training too much, training too little, getting sick, doing too many plyometrics, lifting weights, cross training, fat biking, trying new diets, trying old diets, trying new shoes, saddles, handlebars, etc etc etc. With all these lessons eventually I figured out how to succeed in many areas of the sport due to an aptitude for solving problems. Another way to phrase this would be stubbornness. Ultimately, in the context of my passion for the sport, I have found myself in a position where I can offer helpful guidance to others.

That said, one of the most fundamental tenets of coaching is: A coach must not kill the client’s dream with your own.

Just because I learned a lesson in a particular way or solved a problem in my own cycling journey with tools A, B and C or methods R, S and T does not mean it will work for a given client. A coach must allow a client to have their own dream and experience. The role of the coach is to offer guidance and also get out of the way at the right moment, in order to let the client shine.

With this context in mind, I offer consultation services for cycling in various different categories.

Options include:

  • hour record consultation including training, strategy, equipment, preparation, pacing, event execution
  • overview of coaching programing and execution
  • holistic lifestyle coaching including breath work, QiGong, Tai Chi, meditation, with a focus on restoration of life balance and overall health and wellness
  • strength and conditioning instruction and program design
  • holistic nutrition concepts and applications
  • bicycle fitting theory, practice, application
  • functional movement and practice
  • ongoing consultation for existing clients who have had an Integrative Fitting and would like follow up work regarding any of the categories listed above

Additional consultation services are also available, on a case by case basis. Contact me for details.

Note:  For cycling coaching, specifically one on one, full time coaching with training and data analysis for athletes of all ability levels, I offer my services through Team EF Coaching [where I am also a director of coaching programs]. If you are interested in working with me as your full time cycling coach, please visit to learn more.

Consultations are available on an hourly basis, or in a package. Hourly rates are $220/hr and are offered in one hour increments.

Consultation packages for ongoing discussions are available for purchase as a block. Rate for a block is $1060 for 5 hours of work.

Actionable Results

After each consultation session, you will receive an email detailing our discussion with notes that will include actionable take aways. These may include:

  • resources such as articles, books, websites for your ongoing study and learning
  • exercises to perform
  • nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • strength or movement programs with specific exercises and a complete program design

Additionally, if our consultations are performed online, the meeting may be recorded and you will have access to view and download the recording [from Teams].

Current Workload Status

As of January 2024 my full time One on One cycling coaching workload is at full capacity. I am not currently taking clients for ongoing coaching. If you would like to be put on a waitlist, please email me and I can arrange this.

The good news is that I manage the team of coaches at Team EF Coaching, so you are getting an exact replica of me if you work with another coach there. Just kidding,  this is not really true, each of the coaches on our team has their own unique style, speciality, and personality.