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Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Welcome to the Cycling in Alignment podcast, an examination of cycling as a practice, and dialogue, about the integration of sport in right relationship to your life.

Pearce has partnered with FastLabs to record and produce the Cycling in Alignment Podcast. This platform will enable discussion with a varied list of guests that won’t typically be found on other cycling podcasts, and will cover a diverse range of topics in great detail. The discussions will be long format and in depth. 

Pearce has amassed a significant amount of practical experience in the sport of cycling in different modalities of competition and coaching: 

  • Racing for 35 years, including road, track, cyclocross and mountain bikes
  • Professional for 15 years including 5 years as a Six Day professional in Europe
  • 8 x US World Championship team member
  • 2004 Olympian
  • Raced on 5 continents
  • USA Cycling Track Endurance coach from 2005-2007
  • CU Cycling Team Coach 2007-2009
  • Steve Hogg Certified Bike Fitter 2012
  • Sports Science team Garmin-Sharp 2014
  • Brand Ambassador for SRM 2015-2017
  • Chek Academy 2019 – present

Using the platform of the spoken word allows Colby to share what he has learned with his audience, and open a dialogue about the complexity and growth that can occur while practicing sport. Explore the nuance and philosophical sides of relationship to sport, while also diving deep into detailed technical aspects of riding, racing, bike fit, nutrition, training load, and many other topics.

Guests include: 

Cycling in Alignment can be accessed on any major podcast platform. 


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