Cycling in Alignment


Welcome to the Cycling in Alignment podcast, an examination of cycling as a practice, and dialogue, about the integration of sport in right relationship to your life.

This podcast has allowed Colby to open a dialogue about the complexity and growth that can occur while practicing sport. 35 years of racing, 20 years of coaching, 11 years of bike fitting and a lifetime of study have offered many learning opportunities for discussion. 

podcast artwork: Chloe Pearce

Guests include: 

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Cycling in Alignment Appreciation

I am so grateful for the opportunity to educate and discuss all things cycling [and beyond cycling] with my audience. I have heard from many people that this podcast has helped them in their lives, which is an amazing outcome for me and all I could aspire to achieve.

That said, the podcast is expensive and time consuming to produce and maintain. Expenses including editing, software, and hardware. In the past I have had supporters who have helped offset these expenses, but as of 2024 the podcast is self funded. I would like to keep doing it for the foreseeable future and I have plans for many episodes to come, with brilliant guests and development of my concepts and topics. In order to maintain this project, I need to monetize it.

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  1. Share the podcast on your channel, with your friends, on a group ride, with your family. Tell anyone who might benefit from it about it. Leave reviews and stars on the platforms, make the keyboard mudras and stroke the digital algorithms.
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