– In 2014 I worked with the Garmin – Sharp professional cycling team in the sports science, with Robby Ketchell. This was a huge learning opportunity as I attended all three grand tours with the team and spent 150 days on the road at camps and races. I have raced at the world level on the track for over a decade but ProTour road cycling is another level, and there is no better way to learn cycling than from the top. My job involved monitoring rider’s body fat percentages with skin calipers, maintaining and calibrating power meters, reviewing and analyzing power data, writing and administering training for riders at camps, discussing strategy with directors and riders, attending pre race meetings, road and time trial course reconnaissance, and countless other duties. 





From 2011 – 2012 Nick Traggis and I ran the Horizon Organic/ Panache Cyclewear team out of Boulder, CO (http://horizonpanachecycling.com). This program has focused on riders between 19 and 22 years old, giving them the resources to reach the next level of racing. In 2013 Nick took over the management of the team (http://bouldersportsmanagement.com) and guided the squad to the US National RR championship (via Emerson Oronte) while I was on the road with Garmin-Sharp. The team has become the dominant amateur program in Colorado over the last 3 seasons, frequently winning even when the Pros came home to try and clean up in local races. 




– Since 2007 I have worked with 15-25 riders of various abilities on a full time basis, from various locations world wide. As a coach I have coached senior men of all categories, women, juniors, masters and ProTour riders in cyclocross, mountain biking, road and track events at all levels from local to world championship competition. 

 – I was the coach for the collegiate cycling team at CU Boulder the spring of 2010 to the spring of 2011. Brady Kappius is pictured above at the start of the short track National Championships in Tahoe, CA. He earned a silver medal.



 – From November of 2005 – May of 2007 I took a position at USA Cycling as track endurance coach. I took 2 teams to World Championships, learned a ton being on the other side of the fence, and attended many coaches meetings. I also ran 9 million camps. The vast majority of them were fun. But then I decided to come back to racing.


– In 2005 I was Director Sportif for the TIAA-CREF / 5280 team at the Tour of Ireland, the Tour of Puerto Rico, and U23 National Championships. I promised Ian MacGregor if he won the road race for the second consecutive year, I would shave his name into the side of my head. Ian won so I drove from UT to CO with a poorly mastered rendition of his name carved into my follicles. 



Overall I find coaching to be a very rewarding experience and there is almost nothing as satisfying as watching your athlete succeed in their goals.