Price: $20.00

Normal demo time for a SMP test saddle is 1-3 weeks. There is always demand for these saddles, so I ask that customers try to wrap up their riding in this time frame, but the idea is to use the test saddle as long as you need to in order to understand the concept and see if it works for you. Everyone is an individual, and one rider’s perfect saddle solution can be another’s nightmare. The ideal is to have the saddle disappear underneath you – even on your longest ride, you never think about it. Some riders don’t believe me when I explain that this is possible, but I have seen it over and over again with my customers who switch to SMP.

If you purchase a SMP test saddle, this $20 deposit will be deducted towards your purchase price. If you do not elect to purchase a saddle from me, the $20 goes towards the cost of the fleet of test saddles (which is currently at about 20 in total, it is not a trivial expense for me as a fitter).

If you decide you would like to try another SMP test saddle, just contact me and we can swap out one test for another. $20 covers as many tests as you want or need to figure out which model or padding level suits you best.

Demo saddles:

I have demo saddles in every model which are free to any client who would like to try them. This allows a rider to try out a particular model before they purchase a seat. If you are not sure which SMP model might be right for you, email me and I am happy to discuss it, or make an appointment and come to see me in person.

SMP makes two base models which start with no padding and progressively add layers. One of the bases is narrower and one is wider. Most riders will find the wider base works for them, in my experience. The wider base models, listed from least padded to most are:

  • Full Carbon Lite (carbon rails, carbon base)
  • Carbon lite (steel rails, carbon base)
  • Forma (leather cover only)
  • Dynamic (light padding)
  • Drakon (medium padding)
  • Lite 209 (heavy padding)

The narrower line:

  • Full Carbon (carbon rails, carbon base)
  • Carbon (steel rails, carbon base)
  • Composit (leather cover only)
  • Evolution (light padding)
  • Statos (medium padding)
  • Glider (heavy padding)

Additional models (“orphans” which have different shapes than these two lines): Chrono (TT saddle), Pro, Avant, Plus