PTI Orthotics

In 30 years of cycling, I spent 24 of them struggling to have a good connection to the pedal. This was in part because of my feet, and in part because cycling footbeds did not exist (or were poorly made)…

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Seven Cycles Dealer

Pearce Coaching and Fitting is proud to be a Seven Cycles Dealer. Make an appointment to come see Colby for a discussion, fitting or measurement of bio-metrics to order your custom made Seven bicycle.     Why custom? As John…

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Appleman Custom Road Bike

Appleman Custom Road Bike I recently completed a new road bike with the help of custom builder Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles, out of Minneapolis.   Having raced for 3 decades, I have had the opportunity to ride a lot…

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Fitting a Track Bike

Fitting a Track Bike Colby Pearce   A bicycle should be fit based on two primary considerations: the physiology of the rider, and the demands of the event. The physiology of the rider may include the smoothness of the pedal…

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Thoughts on Racing

Some thoughts: Motivation for racing can be intrinsic, or extrinsic. Meaning, some racers find it motivating to crush other people and beat them to the line (this is the majority). Alternatively, some riders find the most interesting challenge in cycling…

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The Last Rep

Training is fundamentally about changing homeostasis to elicit a specific response. The response we want is improved or "optimized" fitness with minimal fatigue on race day. When training consists of repeated bouts of maximal stimulus, the organism either adapts or…

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