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Cadence vs Torque

Cadence and Torque: what are they? Why do we care?   Cadence is a critical part of your performance on the bike, but you may not know it.   Belgian superstar Eddy Merckx, the greatest champion ever known in cycling,…

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SMP Primer

Changing saddles can be a daunting undertaking for any cyclist. Riders frequently use the same saddle for years simply because they find one which is unobjectionable, but far from perfect. The logistical challenges of finding saddles to try without financial…

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PTI Orthotics

In 30 years of cycling, I spent 24 of them struggling to have a good connection to the pedal. This was in part because of my feet, and in part because cycling footbeds did not exist (or were poorly made)…

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Appleman Custom Road Bike

Appleman Custom Road Bike I recently completed a new road bike with the help of custom builder Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles, out of Minneapolis.   Having raced for 3 decades, I have had the opportunity to ride a lot…

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Fitting a Track Bike

Fitting a Track Bike Colby Pearce   A bicycle should be fit based on two primary considerations: the physiology of the rider, and the demands of the event. The physiology of the rider may include the smoothness of the pedal…

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SMP Setup Tips

Guide to setting up SMP saddles Italian manufacturer SMP manufactures saddles with base shapes that more closely match the shape of the human ishium than most other saddle designs. This feature makes the saddle an excellent platform for a rider…

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